June 22, 2023

Who we are

Rafael Tyszblat, Photo ©Pedro LOMBARDI

Rafael Tyszblat

Rafael Tyszblat is a specialist in Conflict Resolution, Intercultural Communication, Virtual Exchange, Interconvictional and Inter Identity Dialogue. With over 20 years of
experience, from unofficial diplomacy to mediation in the school, family, corporate and social sectors, he has trained and supported thousands of youth and adults to equip them with effective communication skills. With Connecting Actions, he seeks to share his expertise with all those who may need it and strengthen the field of dialogue.

He recently launched the French podcast AntiClash to promote a culture of dialogue on controversial topics: www.anticlash.com

Laurent Lanfranchi
Program Manager and Trainer

Laurent Lanfranchi is an experienced facilitator in various cross cultural contexts. He has served for over 5 years at Soliya, a Virtual Exchange non profit to connect youth from multiple countries over a variety of topics. He is also a coach and a trainer in facilitation and conflict management. He has supported hundreds of youth and adults to connect and learn from each other.

He has been committed to the field of peace and dialogue for 15 years and constantly seeks to find new ways to connect people.

Alexander Hohenecker

Alexander Hohenecker
IT and Strategic Advisor

Alexander is a software developer and IT specialist with around 20 years of freelance experience providing web development, IT consulting and solutions to businesses, events and most importantly NGO projects. He is currently employed with a Microsoft-partner and working assignments in the public sector and e-government area.

His most active and long-term work is with the Muslim Jewish Conference, Connecting Actions and the European Institute For Dialogue.

Special Contributors and volunteers:

  • Radia Bakkouch
  • Elizabeth Bolin
  • Meytal Rosenthal
  • David Wellman
  • Larissa Zeigerer

Connecting Actions relies on its network of volunteers and partners, including through the European Institute For Dialogue

Connecting Actions Network

These organisations have participated in Connecting Actions symposiums:
Highlighted in blue: Members of the European Institute For Dialogue

  • Ad Astra (Finland)
  • AJC in Paris (France)
  • AJMF (Amitié Judéo-Musulmane de France)
  • Blackburn Interfaith Forum (UK)
  • Carrefour des Mondes et des cultures (France)
  • Coexister (France)
  • Convivencia (France)
  • Dialog Perspektiven (Germany)
  • European Union of Jewish Students – Europe (Germany)
  • Faith & Belief Forum (UK)
  • Faith Matters (UK)
  • Faiths in Tune (Germany)
  • G3i Groupe International, Interculturel et Interconvictionnel (France)
  • Gemeinsam für Vielfalt (Germany)
  • Grace School of applied diplomacy at DePaul University (US)
  • Groupe des Foyers Islamo-Chrétiens (France)
  • Groupe Inter Religieux pour la Paix 78 (France)
  • Hashomer Hatzair (France)
  • Hermeneo (France)
  • Initiatives et Changement (France)
  • Institut HOZES (France)
  • Integrationswerkstatt Unkel (Germany)
  • Interfaith summit (UK)
  • Interreligösa Centret (Sweden)
  • Jcall (France)
  • JUGA (Germany)
  • JUMA – jung, muslimisch, aktiv (Germany)
  • Kaleidoscope (France)
  • La Paix Maintenant (France)
  • Les Racines de Demain (France)
  • Maison de la Conversation (France)
  • Maison du Dialogue et de la Paix – Madipax (France)
  • Musulmans Inclusifs de France (France)
  • NCBI (Switzerland)
  • Open Skane (Sweden)
  • The Muslim Jewish Conference (Austria)
  • Together for Sweden (Sweden)
  • Salaam Shalom (Germany)
  • Scouts Musulmans de France (France)
  • SIETAR (France)
  • Sharing Perspectives Foundation (Netherlands)
  • United Religions Initiatives Europe (Belgium)
  • The Upper Room (Austria)
  • We Act (Denmark)